Celebrate National BBQ Month with these Three Popular BBQ Products!

Piedmont Kitchen Co Pulled Pork Sandwich with Red Slaw and Mild Sauce

May is National BBQ Month! And since barbecue just happens to be what we specialize in, we’re celebrating all month long. 

We offer many mouthwatering products in our Piedmont BBQ line including Carolina-style Pulled Pork, Beef Barbacoa, Buttermilk Brined Chicken, Brunswick Stew, Classic Beef Chili, Hot and Mild Sauce, Swiss Army Rub, and more. 

All of Piedmont Kitchen Co. products, including our BBQ line, can be shipped nationwide and arrive at your doorstep frozen. This makes it super easy to 'meal plan', especially those nights when you are out of dinner ideas. Simply grab a meat of choice out of your freezer, place the BPA-free bag in boiling water and dinner can be ready in less than 15.

Our customers enjoy our BBQ line for easy entertaining too. We consistently receive many orders for several bags of the same item for simple party planning. Popular items include our Pulled Pork, Beef Barbacoa and Buttermilk Brined Chicken. These are customer's favorites for entertaining due to their versatility, flavor and simplicity.  

In celebration of National BBQ Month, we wanted to highlight how we prepare these three 'crowd-pleasers' and Owner Brad Coolidge's way to share them with family and friends – no recipes required because it’s just that easy. 

Pulled Pork 

How does Piedmont Kitchen Co. cook its pulled pork?

Our smoking process involves hickory and oak woods. The type of wood has a subtle impact on the flavor and produces a traditional smoky flavor. It is common to ‘over-smoke’ barbecue; Piedmont BBQ Co. takes pride in a subtle smoky flavor so the quality of our protein can really shine. The last thing you want in any barbecue meat is for the smoky taste to empower the flavorful, tender meat. 

What’s your favorite way to enjoy Piedmont Kitchen Co.’s Pulled Pork with a crowd?

The options with our pulled pork are truly endless but my favorite is simple. It’s a pulled pork sandwich topped with our red slaw. It’s the perfect flavor of savory and crunch with a slight tang. 

When we host family and friends, we typically reheat up to five bags of Pulled Pork and place it in a bowl. We’ll also include our *Red Slaw (or slaw of choice),  buns, and our Mild and Hot Sauce so everyone can create their own Pulled Pork Sandwich. Of course, our signature Brunswick Stew and Collard Greens on the side are a must. 

*our Red Slaw and Collard Greens are sold locally at Atlanta-area farmers markets only

Beef Barbacoa

How does Piedmont Kitchen Co. prepare its Beef Barbacoa? 

We slow-smoke ours over hickory and oak woods, add a flavorful barbacoa sauce once it's cooked, then pull the beef. It’s incredibly flavorful! 

What’s your favorite way to enjoy Piedmont Kitchen Co.’s Beef Barbacoa with family and friends?

Definitely Beef Barbacoa tacos. Our blend of zesty seasonings and fresh ingredients makes our Beef Barbacoa the star of the show when it comes to any Mexican dish.  

Preparing this is easy. Just reheat a few bags of Beef Barbacoa, place it in a bowl, and lay out a selection of tortillas, onions, cheese, so everyone can create their own Beef Barbacoa Tacos. 

Buttermilk Brined Pulled Chicken 


How do you prepare your Buttermilk Brined Chicken? 

First, we soak the chicken in buttermilk and seasonings overnight, which helps tenderize it and creates a moist, delicious flavor. Then we hardwood smoke it, which makes the meat even more tender!

What’s one of Piedmont Kitchen Co.’s Buttermilk Brined Chicken signature dishes?

Our chicken is incredibly versatile that you can enjoy it for any BBQ, Italian, Mexican, Mediterranean theme…it's a great fit for nearly every type of cuisine. Since we’re talking BBQ though, our party guests constantly ask if we’re going to serve our pulled chicken BBQ nachos that need zero explanation!  Simply throw a ton of tortilla chips on foil, add the chicken and toppings of choice then bake to melt the cheese. It’s always a HUGE hit and makes the perfect appetizer to get the party going. 


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