From our commercial kitchen at PREP in Atlanta, Georgia, Piedmont BBQ Co. ships high-quality BBQ and other prepped meals in freezer boxes nationwide via the world's busiest airport.

You're probably familiar with the term "anchor tenant." We're an "anchor food item" for many types of partners providing wholesale BBQ.

Public Venue Concessions

We determine your gate volume and supply you with fantastic BBQ that will delight your visitors and increase your profits. Lakepoint Sports, Cairn View Winery are some examples.

Grocery Stores/Public Markets

We give you a delicious, healthy, highly-differentiated offering that can't be found at the major chains, so your clients have to keep coming back.

Farmers Markets

While we don't actually grow our own ingredients, the way we prepare our food is a huge hit for visitors, who get to sample our BBQ and other deliciousness as well as our vegan options.

Online Markets

We dropship from our Atlanta headquarters as a branded BBQ option within your online storefront.

Let's Get Creative

Have another idea of how we can help your business thrive by offering our amazing BBQ and more? We want to hear from you.



We're Proud to Ship Delicious BBQ & More Nationwide from Our Home Base in Atlanta, GA.

Mailing Address:

3795 Presidential Pkwy, Ste FP-5

Atlanta, GA 30340

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