Where Does Pulled Pork Come From?

Learn about the origins of Carolina Pulled Pork.
Where Does Pulled Pork Come From?

At Piedmont BBQ Co., we're known for our Carolina Pulled Pork, and we often get asked about the origins of our offerings and how we make them.

We answered your "What Is Brunswick Stew?" question, so this month, we're focused on Pulled Pork.

Where Did Pulled Pork Originate?

Smoking pork was first documented by the Spanish settlers to North America. They watched natives build smoky fires and suspend their game above. They were especially interested in how the process kept bugs away and preserved the meat.

This is known to be the earliest version of a barbeque. 

With the migration of Africans and Europeans to South America, cooking pigs in this way became increasingly popular because of the low cost and easy maintenance.

Why Is Carolina Pulled Pork a Delicacy?

Well to start with, people from the Carolina's have a BBQ passion. With modern hog roasts, the the pork is slowly cooked to create the most delicious tenderness. 

So if you want to eat Pulled Pork the right way, we recommend being sure Carolina traditions are being honored. You'll find many people only want Carolina-style BBQ sauce.

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