At Piedmont BBQ Co., we knew we are on to something when our Atlanta visitors asked us how they could keep getting our food wherever they live.

We're now experts in Heat & Eat BBQ prepared in our Atlanta commercial kitchen and shipped nationwide.

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Gourmet Wholesale BBQ

For our partners, we provide a gourmet, differentiated offering in a product category of its own. 

We ship delicious prepared BBQ in the quantity and packaging that makes the most sense for our partners.

Think of us as an "anchor product" that delights your shoppers/visitors and them coming back because you have our products. 

Heat & Eat, Not Receive and Cook

Instead of receiving unprepared meat and more, our products are already seasoned and cooked. They simply need to be heated either in-bag (we use BPA-free sous-vide ready bags) or grilled.

For event venues and concession stands, our BBQ is a fantastic upgrade on existing offerings without adding operational headache nor more prep time.

For grocers, our buyers fall into the "busy ____ with taste" category. Parents, professionals, seniors, students, etc. who know good food and don't have time to cook are in love with our products.

Better Food, Better Margins

While we are a premium product, our wholesale rates are very competitive. Let's talk about what rates you can use to sell our heat & eat bags or BBQ-based sandwiches, bags, tacos and plates for in your market.

Event Concessions Wholesale BBQ

Smart venue managers have realized concessions are critical for overall profitability. Not only does our BBQ add margin to concession sales, it's so good that it contributes to venue visitation as well.

We supply wholesale BBQ with the quantity, frequency and flexibility that you need to delight first time visitors and create loyalty.

Grocery Wholesale Heat & Eat/Sous Vide BBQ

Our BBQ sells in grocery stores in sous-vide ready BPA free bags. Simply display and sell. 

Let's talk about margins on our products versus other frozen products you may carry.

Other Resellers

Our delicious, differentiated products are a great addition to food-based businesses of many types. Contact us and we'll be happy to discuss how gourmet wholesale BBQ can become one new profit center for your business.

Visit Our Wholesale BBQ Site


We're Proud to Ship Delicious BBQ & More Nationwide from Our Home Base in Atlanta, GA.

Mailing Address:

3795 Presidential Pkwy, Ste FP-5

Atlanta, GA 30340

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