Brunswick Stew


Brunswick Stew

Product description

You'd Be Surprised How Many People Search for "Brunswick Stew Near Me"

Well, you've come to the right place because we ship our Brunswick Stew nationwide.

When life is busy, meal planning can become a hassle. Let us help you create a quick and easy last-minute meal for yourself or the entire family – from our kitchen to yours. Our pre-cooked Brunswick stew can be reheated in just 15 mins by placing the BPA-free bag in boiling water.

How Brunswick Stew Is Prepared

Our hearty Brunswick stew is loaded with locally-sourced pork, beef, chicken, vegetables and a variety of seasonings, we then portioned into 32 oz. BPA-free bags that are vacuum-sealed, frozen and ready to ship directly to your door! Pop it in the freezer until you need a quick and easy meal.

How to Serve Brunswick Stew

This is the fun part! Since it’s already pre-cooked, simply place the entire bag of frozen Brunswick stew into boiling water for 15 minutes and – boom – you have a warm hearty meal!

How to Enjoy
Our Brunswick stew can be enjoyed in so many delicious ways! In addition to serving it with traditional barbecue you can easily enjoy it as a meal of its own as well. See our How to Enjoy section below for Brunswick stew breakfast, lunch, dinner and appetizer ideas or visit our blog for additional recipes and meal ideas.

Imagine how much time you will save making a quick and easy meal for yourself or the family, cutting back on weekly meal prep time, and already having a delicious meal solution when guests unexpectedly (or expectedly) visit! Our products are also perfect to take on the road – pack them in a cooler when you leave for your next vacation or camping adventure – they are incredibly easy to heat up wherever you are!

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Total price: $46.00

Our Ingredients

We only use top-quality ingredients from trusted, local providers who focus on natural approaches to animal health. No antibiotics or hormones.

Our proteins are sourced from:

Evans Meats

Springer Mountain Farms Chicken

A significant portion of our menu is Gluten-Free as well:

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