Garnish and Gather's Emily Golub Shares Their Story

Garnish and Gather's Emily Golub Shares Their Story
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At Piedmont BBQ Co., we’re huge fans of the Atlanta culinary scene and always excited to collaborate with our neighbors.

That said, we wanted to introduce you to Emily Golub of Garnish and Gather. Their food delivery service is available in Atlanta as well as Serenbe and Athens, and they’re really doing some unique things.

We sat down with Emily so she could tell you more about what they’re up to and you can check out our next collaboration this Friday, March 24th, 2023.

*Get Cumin-Lime Pork Tacos in the next G&G box featuring our Carolina Pulled Pork.

Now let’s get to the good stuff:

Q: Tell us about the origin of Garnish and Gather. What was the inspiration behind it? When did you guys get started?

Frankly, I started Garnish & Gather to solve my own struggles! I wanted to try really creative recipes, eat fresh & local ingredients and was short on time - and voila, Garnish and Gather came to life.

Perfectly portioned, fun and easy recipes and all while getting to support small specialty producers and farmers.

Q: Who are your customers? What amazingness do they get when they subscribe?

If you eat dinner, you are our customer! We serve a lot of families, single folks, empty nesters, and even beginner cooks. There’s really something for everyone. 

Subscribing to G&G is the best. Not only is your dinner planning - check - done, but you get a chance to try recipes and foods you may never have tried before, support small producers, get your groceries delivered with your order each week AND do it all sustainably in reusable packaging that’s hand-delivered.

Plus it just feels good knowing you're a part of something good - a small woman-owned-and-operated company, supporting fair wages, local food, Georgia’s chefs, and more. 

Q: Your products are all highly vetted. How do you decide what’s worthy of using your recipes?

Taste test, then taste again and test some more. We love trying new products and we get very excited to share our favorite findings with our customers. 

Garnish and Gather Team
*The G&G team visits local farms as part of their ingredient sourcing.

Q: You all have some awesome recipes. How do you develop those? How do you decide which recipes become a meal kit that goes out? 

Recipe R&D is a tough job, but somebody’s got to do it ;) We spend a lot of time upfront brainstorming what we want to see on the menu - it honestly is a lot of what our team is excited about or craving at any given moment.

We look closely at what is going to be in season, what farmers will be harvesting, cool new products we want to feature, and what else we have planned on the menu for that week to be sure we keep a good variety.

We work with a handful of local chefs and restaurants for initial recipe development, and from there our Culinary Manager takes it to the test kitchen and we taste & tweak until we’re all feeling like we’ve got a great recipe. Sometimes it doesn’t work out…and that’s ok too - not every recipe translates into a meal kit. 

Q: What cuisines do you guys focus on?

We try to offer a wide array of cuisines and we do a whole lot of fusion too. Some of our best selling cuisines are often Mexican, Korean, Italian and Thai. Yum!

Q: If someone doesn’t know how to cook, what will they learn from Garnish and Gather?

So much! First, I hope that if you don’t know how to cook, Garnish and Gather can help you learn to have fun with food! After that I hope we can help people to learn some basics, how to make some simple sauces and dressings, how to pair seasonings and herbs with dishes, and how to cook some go-to’s like proteins and roasted veggies.

We have a lot of longtime customers express how much G&G has helped them feel more confident in the kitchen! For your more experienced cook, we can teach you some really neat new techniques - have you ever made your own mayo? Well neither had I before our meal kits! 

Q: We’re excited that our products are available in your grocery section as well. Your grocery option on top of a food subscription is pretty unique. How does that work?

Garnish and Gather Recipes

You can order groceries anytime you’d like, with or without meal kits! If you are a subscriber, you can browse the local market and add groceries to your meal kit order whenever you’d like. If you aren’t a subscriber, you can browse just the same and order groceries and/or meal kits whenever! We try to make it super flexible and easy. 

Editor's Note: you can add our Pulled Pork, Beef Barbacoa, Pulled Chicken & Brunswick Stew to your G&G order via their website.


Q: For folks that want to try out Garnish and Gather, how do they become a subscriber?

Great question! Check out our menu online and place your order. We’d love to offer Piedmont BBQ fans a chance to try out G&G - just use code PiedmontBBQ at checkout for a free meal with membership.

Membership is free and flexible, you’ll skip the $5 non-member fee on each order, and get the menu emailed to you each week to pick your meals. Plus you can use our simple calendar function to skip any weeks you need. We’re here to make life easier!

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