Cookout in a Box - Great Value - Pickup at Our Kitchen

$125.10 $139.00 -10% OFF

Cookout in a Box - Great Value - Pickup at Our Kitchen

$125.10 $139.00 -10% OFF
Product description

Having a last-minute cookout? Not sure what to throw together? Make it easy on yourself by ordering our Cookout in a Box with locally-sourced premium proteins! You can keep these items in the freezer until you need them and just thaw overnight in the fridge. They will then be ready for grilling, baking or air frying!

The Cookout in a Box includes the following items:

There are 8 servings of wings, 8 servings of flank steak, and 8 servings of stew, so feel free to invite lots of neighbors, friends or family!

Pair these proteins with grilled corn and a side salad for a quick and easy cookout that won’t take up all your time preparing!

Who doesn’t love easy?

Our Ingredients

We only use top-quality ingredients from trusted, local providers who focus on natural approaches to animal health. No antibiotics or hormones.

Our proteins are sourced from:

Evans Meats

Springer Mountain Farms Chicken

A significant portion of our menu is Gluten-Free as well:

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