Announcing Our Meals for Moms Box

Announcing Our Meals for Moms Box
Meals for Moms Box

We're excited to welcome our "Meals for Moms Box" to the menu for 2023. 

If you read our newsletter, you may already know simplification is a resolution this year. My wife and kids are a big inspiration for Piedmont (a family-owned business), and we eat our own cooking, quite a bit actually. And that's a lot of what inspired this new BBQ box.

What's in Our Meals for Moms Box?

Your favorite proteins plus veggies and sauce!

A lot of people think of BBQ as a sort of decadent meal that you shouldn't eat too often. The reality is it's a very Keto, Paleo, etc. -friendly diet.

We only use locally-sourced meets and veggies in our a la carte BBQ bags, and our goal was to give busy parents a "Meat & 2" type option to keep around.

If you're thinking more about a snacks, you'd be surprised how many people outside the south are searching for "brunswick stew near me." It's because it's delicious and healthy and makes a great standalone smaller meal.

What Was the Inspiration?

Beyond having healthy, delicious food. We really wanted to come up with a great "one-pot meal" and this is that.

One-pot just means ultra simple. To prepare a balanced meal from this box, you just have to boil water in a large pot and drop in whichever bags you want that day.

BBQ Kids

Our bags are sous-vide ready meaning they are safe to boil. After 15 minutes, take the bags out, cut the tops, and plate the food.

We speak with a lot of parents who are just slammed between work and raising their kids, driving all over the place, doing homework, and often too tired to cook from scratch.

Oh wait, that's my life...that was the inspiration! Those are two of my three kids in the picture.

How Can I Buy the Meals for Moms Box?

You can buy the individual bags from any of our wholesale BBQ relationships or at our Atlanta Metro farmers markets. As a bundle, our Meals for Moms Box is only available for purchase on this site.

Option 1: Order from our standard "BBQ shipped to me" menu.*

Option 2: Start a BBQ subscription.*

Option 3: For locals, we also have a grab-n-go BBQ menu for folks who near Spaghetti Junction.

*Shipping is free for all EST and CST addresses. 

What About Recipes?

Our BBQ bags are a great ingredient as well. Each protein bag makes 5 sandwiches of 15 tacos.

You'll find a number of recipes on our BBQ blog (and we'd love to hear yours!).

Big thank you to my wife Nicole and neighbor Eddie (Dad who can't cook) at Sales Funnel Professor for helping us brainstorm this.

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