Meals for Moms Box - Pickup at Our Kitchen

$143.10 $159.00 -10% OFF

Meals for Moms Box - Pickup at Our Kitchen

$143.10 $159.00 -10% OFF
Product description

Parenting is hard. And busy. But meal prep doesn’t have to be.

We put together this Meals for Moms Box to make shopping simple for not just moms but anyone looking for “one-pot” meals when life gets busy.

This versatile box contains the foundation to feed multiple mouths across multiple meals.

The Meals for Moms Box includes the following items:

Perfect to order as new parent gifts, birthday gifts, anniversary gifts, holiday gifts or as a gift for yourself as a freezer full of good quality, easy-to-prepare proteins and veggies via a BBQ subscription.

How Much Food Is in the Meals for Moms Box?

Each of our protein bags can easily be turned into 5 sandwiches, 15 tacos, or 15 sliders, etc.

One Protein Bag Makes

5 Sandwiches15 Tacos

Each of our 2lb/32oz bags of soups/stews makes a hearty meal as 4 adult side servings (or more kid-sized servings).

What Does "One-Pot" and "Heat & Eat" Mean?

All of our products are fully cooked and shipped in a vacuum sealed BPA-free bag. When you’re looking for a simple meal, pull the bag out of the freezer and drop the entire sealed bag into boiling water for 15 mins and enjoy. Eat as is or use the proteins as a base for tacos or sandwiches.

In 15 minutes, each offering is ready to eat as is. 

If you want to make recipes such as tacos or sandwiches, that's super easy and you can still have dinner ready in less than 20 minutes.

Our Buttermilk-Brined Pulled Chicken makes a great chicken salad and we have many other recipes on our blog.

Our Ingredients

We only use top-quality ingredients from trusted, local providers who focus on natural approaches to animal health. No antibiotics or hormones.

Our proteins are sourced from:

Evans Meats

Springer Mountain Farms Chicken

A significant portion of our menu is Gluten-Free as well:

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